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Nuclear Ontario Project: A University-based Research Network Supporting CANDU Nuclear Technology in Ontario

Student Seminar

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2011 March 22-23
McMaster University
Celebration Hall (Room B116 within Kenneth Taylor Hall)

Students engaged in the ORF-RE funded Nuclear Ontario Project being conducted at McMaster, UWO, UOIT, RMC, Queen’s and Carleton will present progress made in the first 3 years of the 5-year project.  Topics will cover the following research focus areas:

  1. Sustainable Nuclear Power Development, Advanced Fuel Cycles and Waste Reduction Initiatives (Development of: Spent Fuel Technologies appropriate for the Advanced Fuel Cycle Option; Novel Fuel Separation Technologies, and; Computational Tools and Methodologies for the Simulation of Advanced Reactor Designs and Fuel Cycles)

  2. Degradation of Feeder Tubes in CANDU Power Stations

  3. Advanced Nuclear Power Systems

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