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Nuclear Ontario Project: A University-based Research Network Supporting CANDU Nuclear Technology in Ontario

Student Seminar

Presentations from March 22

A Mechanistic Code for Intact and Defective Nuclear Fuel Element Performance - K. Shaheen

A Pellet & Sheath Deformation Model For CANDU Reactor Fuel - A. Prudil

An Experimental Study of the Relative Response of Plastic Scintillators to Photons and Beta Particles - A. Kumar

Analysis of Fuel Channel Design in the CANDU SCWR - M.M. Malik & I. Ituen

Computation of Thermodynamic Equilibria Pertinent to Nuclear Materials in Multi-Physics Codes - M.H.A. Piro

Electrochemical Metal Extraction using Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids - T. Stockmann, J. Zhang, Z. Ding

Gas Phase Corrosion of UO2 at Different Levels of Relative Humidity in Presence of Air - J. Noel

Low Energy Photon Mimic of the Tritium Beta Decay Energy Spectrum - N. Malabre O'Sullivan

Model Support for the Out-Reactor-Instrumented-Defective-Fuel-Experiment to Validate the RMC Fuel Oxidation Model - A.D. Quastel

Modeling CANDU Fuel Bundle Deformation with COMSOL - S. Bell

Modeling the Impact of Actinide Fuels on CANDU Control Device Worth - M. Ball

Radiation Effects on Aqueous-Ionic Liquid Biphasic Systems - S. Howett

Radiological Impact of Long-Lived Fission Products and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material - N. Preiss & I. Lam

Strategic Overview of Room Temperature Ionic Liquid based Spent Fuel Reprocessing - J.W. Dube

Presentations from March 23

Actinide Burning in CANDU Reactors - A. Morreale

Advanced Fuel Cycles at CRL - B. Hyland

Advanced Fuel Cycles  Cooperation Program Between China and AECL - B. Arsenault

Characterization of Zr-Excel Alloy Pressure Tube for Generation 4 CANDU SCW Reactors - M. Sattari

Direct Numerical Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer in a Zero-Pressure-Gradient Boundary Layer with Supercritical Fluids - C. Azih

Optimal Design of a Multi-Spectrum  CANDUTM Reactor for Actinide Burning - M.S. Hussein

Safety and Competitiveness of Actinide Burning CANDU ‐ Metrics for Evaluating Performance and Suitability of New Fuel Types - K. Kozlowski

Scoping Study of a Thorium Reactor Driven by PWR-Derived Plutonium - Y. Friedlander

U235-Th Based Fuel for SCWR-CANDU - D.W. Hummel