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McMaster University

Principal Investigator:
Dr J. Luxat
Project PI and Committee Chair

Nuclear Safety Analysis Methodology; Experimental Studies in Nuclear Safety Thermalhydraulics; Theoretical Modelling Studies in Nuclear Safety Thermalhydraulics

John Luxat


Dr. David R. Novog
Nuclear Safety Analysis Methodology; Nuclear Safety Thermalhydraulics and Modelling

David Novog
Dr. Gianluigi Botton
Microscopy of nanostructured materials; Transmission electron microscopy; Electron energy-loss spectroscopy; Structure-properties in nanoscale materials
Gianluigi Botton

Queen's University

Prof. Richard A. Holt

Nuclear materials/zirconium alloys; Crystallographic texture/anisotropy; Modelling materials behaviour

Richard A. Holt


Dr. Mark R. Daymond
Micromechanisms of deformation in metals, ceramics and composites; slip, twinning, phase transformation, domain flipping, cracking. Experimental and modelling; Development and application of advanced neutron and x-ray scattering techniques in materials research, optimisation of diffraction optics, data analysis and statistical treatments. Experimental and modelling; Application of the above to engineering mechanics, components and processes; Nuclear materials


Mark R. Daymond

Royal Military College

Dr. Brent J. Lewis

Characterization of Radiation Fields and Dosimetric Implications at Jet Aircraft Altitudes


Dr. Emily C. Corcoran
Thermochemical Modelling/Experimentation with Nuclear Materials; State-of-the-Art Dosimetry

Emily Corcoran

Carleton University

Dr. Metin I. Yaras

Turbomachinery and Aircraft Aerodynamics; Boundary-layer transition on airfoils; Transition modeling using neural networks; Active and passive boundary-layer control; Unsteady flows in fishtail diffusers; Aircraft wake-vortex dynamics in non-uniform windshear; Vortex dynamics in proximity of solid boundaries; Turbulence modeling

Metin I. Yaras


Dr. John A. Goldak
Casting: Design and Analysis; Fluid Flow, Solidification of Castings; Design Environments for Casting; Microstructure Models in Casting and Welding; Hydrogen Cracking in Welds

John Goldak

University of Western Ontario

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Dr. J. Clara Wren

Radiation-Induced Chemistry; Electrochemistry of Corrosion in Aggressive Environments; Interfacial Kinetics and Transport; Kinetics and Transport Modelling

J.C. Wren


Dr. David W. Shoesmith
Industrial corrosion and environmental contamination

David Shoesmith

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Dr. Anthony Waker

Radiation detector development for radiation protection dosimetry; experimental microdosimetry and its application to neutron therapy, neutron activation analysis and neutron monitoring; measurement and quantification of radiation quality for cellular, sub-cellular and molecular systems for high LET radiation and low energy X-rays and beta particles.

A. Walker